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5 Ways to Improve Your Medical Service Business at Little to No Extra Cost

For Healthcare Service Providers such as Ambulance companies, or home health companies, making costly investments in new technologies can be difficult while still turning a profit. This can be especially true for small, mom-and-pop Service Providers who don’t have the liquidity to make large investments in new tech.

Despite the industry and financial hurdles surrounding upgrading healthcare services, here are 5 ways you can use VectorCare to make your operations more efficient and tech-minded today, without breaking the bank.


Cut out the middle-man: stop relying on a broker to give you customers

The lure of a broker-based business is tempting: you get calls without the stress of marketing, managing 1-1 customer relationships, and more. But reliance on a broker can cripple your business by making you dependent on one source of customers. If your relationship with that broker is compromised, your business could go under. Diversifying your customer stream can create a business that is profitable regardless of turns in the market and broker relationships.


Focus on customer experience

Design your business with your customer in mind. Instead of phone calls and waiting on hold for 20 minutes at a time, what about providing them with an online form to schedule with you, as well as automatic trip updates? Or an app to request a service from their smartphone? Making your services easier and more convenient than your competitors can lead to a huge difference in a saturated market.


Operate with more visibility & see issues real-time

Gone are the days of assigning a request to your crew members and only being able to check in with them via phone call. With new technology and dispatch iOS apps (Such as VectorCare), you can track the status of the request real-time, view on a live map, and get notified instantly of any delays or incidents. By increasing visibility across your operations, you can act quickly to fix any problems as soon as they occur.

Use data to measure performance

Stop relying on guesswork or labor-intensive spreadsheets to measure how well your employees, care delivery, and request volume operations are performing. Create customized reports to track on-time rates, performance by employee, and much more. By using data you can make evidence-based decisions on how to improve your business.


Offer a wider range of services

Create back-up networks of providers who offer different services than you. For instance, an ambulance provider can create a network of local Wheelchair & Gurney providers to fulfill non-ambulance requests. With an increase in diverse services, you can become a one-stop-shop for local customers and hospitals requesting services. Read how Mission Ambulance did just this and increased their revenue by 20%.


Have you implemented any of the changes listed above? If so, how have they changed your business?