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Author: Kennedy Petersen

Mindfulness at Work: Free Resources to Practice Small Moments of Calm


VectorCare's COVID-19 Initiatives for Service Providers

As COVID-19 spreads nationwide, we're looking for innovative ways to mobilize our network of Service Providers to provider at-home healthcare services.

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VectorCare's Updated Billing Policy

  This month, VectorCare updated our Service Provider billing process, effective February 1st, 2020. This article is for our customers, and outlines the new process, invoice changes, and options for ...

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Featured Case Study: Mission Ambulance

Hospital Evacuation, Kaiser Permanente

Scheduling Services during an Emergency: Are You Prepared?

Leverage Technology to Evacuate Hospital Patients in an Emergency At VectorCare, we aim to make your everyday healthcare logistics scheduling easier. From scheduling NEMT, DME delivery, to home ...

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Want to Promote Innovation in EMS? Here's How.

In the setting of increasingly realigned incentives that encourage physicians, hospitals, and health plans to focus more on population health and coordinating care in the community, EMS has an ...

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How EMS Fraud Costs Medicare, Medicaid Hundreds of Millions a Year


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What is Care Coordination?

What Care Coordination actually means in healthcare   At VectorCare, we’ve recently decided to make the shift from calling ourselves a “healthcare logistics” company, to specializing in Care ...

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Medical Drone Usage to Reach New Heights in 2019 and Beyond

In 2019 drone usage will continue on its path to widespread commercial use, as a viable and infinitely useful tool across many industries. While often drones simply function as a useful tool, such as ...

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Why a Broker Isn't Always Best: 3 Ways to Strengthen Your NEMT Dispatch

How to truly optimize your NEMT transport company, no broker required. Embrace the new age of healthcare software for your operations Despite the prevalence of modern technology in some areas of ...