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How to Utilize Ridesharing to become the One-Stop-Shop of Medical Transportation



Anyone who works in healthcare knows that transportation is crucial to patient care. 3.6 million Americans miss needed medical care each year due to transportation barriers, and lack of reliable transportation is the third most commonly cited barrier to accessing health services. In order to better fulfill medical transportation needs, the rideshare market has been making strides to fill in transportation gaps across the industry. Both Uber and Lyft have been working to introduce ridesharing services for patients. 


Of course, rideshare is far from a catch-all solution for medical transportation. Rideshare drivers do not have the extensive medical training that NEMT crew members have, and lack the proper equipment to care for patients with certain medical requirements. That being said, Sedan Car service is getting more and more popular as a cost-saving alternative for NEMT. Low-risk patients who simply need a ride to an out-patient doctor’s appointment, or similar, may benefit from an Uber or Lyft ride. 


As new rideshare players enter the market, it’s natural for NEMT companies to feel pressure over competition. However, NEMT players ought to look toward leveraging ridesharing companies as partners rather than competitors: NEMT companies can use companies like Lyft and Uber to position themselves as a “one-stop-shop” for healthcare provider contracts. 


By using VectorCare, NEMT companies can bring Uber & Lyft into their network of providers. Small hospitals and healthcare facilities often look for NEMT solutions that can manage everything for them, such as a broker. Rather than hiring internal staff to book rideshares, it makes sense for a hospital to instead sign a contract with a broker like Logisticare to handle all levels of transportation service (Logisticare recently acquired Circulation, an app to provide rideshare transportation to patients). In order to compete with the big name brokers in your area, it’s crucial that you are able to become a “one-stop-shop” as well. 


With VectorCare, you can create your own network of local service providers who specialize in services that your company is unable to offer. If you receive a request from a hospital that you are unable to fulfill, simply broadcast that request to a local provider who can. This allows you to maintain an exclusive contract with a healthcare provider without straining your own company’s resources or underdelivering. NEMT providers can leverage Lyft & Uber for to improve and grow their business, rather than competing for rides.