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Want to Promote Innovation in EMS? Here's How.


In the setting of increasingly realigned incentives that encourage physicians, hospitals, and health plans to focus more on population health and coordinating care in the community, EMS has an opportunity to reposition itself as a mobile health care resource capable of providing the type of on- demand coordinate care that patients and their health care teams are looking for (22).

This week, EMS Innovations published their long-awaited report, Promoting Innovations in Emergency Medical Services, which was administered by the Mount Sinai Health System in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego Health System.

Due to regulatory, financial, and technological barriers, innovation in the EMS delivery model has been slow to move. This project provides a framework to describe how local stakeholders can promote innovation independent of federal action, and how communities can “overcome barriers, and enable rapid cycle testing of promising ideas and treatments”(11).

VectorCare’s CEO, David Emanuel, represented digital health and technology as one of the organization's Members at Large: 

“It was great to collaborate with a group of really innovative thought leaders working to improve the delivery of EMS care and reshaping it to impact patient lives positively. We’re looking forward to what's next, and how these insights can be implemented in a tangible way.” —David Emanuel

The detailed report explains each of the common barriers hampering EMS innovation, along with hundreds of actionable recommendations. Some of these topic areas include:

  • EMS’s need to improve coordination response to large scale events
  • The priority of greater communication between EMS, hospitals, and other public safety agencies
  • Further integration between EMS and MIH(mobile integrated healthcare)
  • And much more...

"Going further, we envision an EMS system that maximizes value to the community by bringing definitive care into patients’ homes and providing new and innovative services that support the Triple Aims of improving patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the cost of health care" (10).

You can download and read the entire report off of EMS Innovation’s website, below.


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