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VectorCare's COVID-19 Initiatives for Service Providers


As COVID-19 spreads nationwide, we're looking for innovative ways to mobilize our network of Service Providers to provider at-home healthcare services.

In order to reduce the amount of foot traffic in healthcare facilities (to reduce infection rates), we're looking for ways to utilize Service Providers to help with at-home COVID-19 testing and other services.


On Wednesday, April 1st, we were able to host a webinar to go over our curent initiatives and how Service Providers can help reimagine existing care delivery models. If you missed the live webinar, you can view the recording below:


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A couple commonly asked questions:

What requirements do you need to perform tests?

Requirements and credentials are set in place by the requesting facility/healthcare provider.

How do I start working with facilities using these free testing modules/software?

As we grow our database, VectorCare will contact Service Providers who serve areas with hospitals in our network who need assistance. In the meantime, we recommend you contact your local hospitals, SNFs, and other facilities and offer to work with them through our platform using our free COVID-19 modules.

How much does this cost?

VectorCare is completely free to sign up, and all COVID-19 testing transaction fees will be waived. For non-COVID-19 transactions, a small service fee of $1.50 per transaction applies. We're launching this initiative to help be part of the solution for the COVID-19 pandemic, not profit from it.

No installation required, and VectorCare will provide complimentary training. For all COVID-19 testing requests, we will waive all transaction fees (our standard $1.50/request applies for non-COVID transaction fees). For more information on our transaction-based pricing, click here.

If you have any further questions or ideas to help with our initiative, please don't hesitate to reach out at info@vectorcare.com.