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We changed our name! Here’s what you need to know.

Earlier this year, Medlert transitioned to VectorCare, a comprehensive healthcare logistics platform. We’re still committed to saving lives and streamlining your healthcare transportation needs, but our focus has expanded a bit(for the better!).

We sat down with VectorCare’s CEO, David Emanuel, to get the details of the shift:

What drove the need for a name change?

Medlert was originally founded to help high-risk individuals get fast care in the event of the emergency, so the name fit well with our product. However, as the company expanded we realized that the patient’s journey is far more than a single transportation trip: from home health to food delivery, and more, there are so many factors and individual components which guide a patient to be healthy again. We’ve expanded our platform to manage healthcare logistics as a whole rather than just transportation, so the old name simply wasn’t reflective of our product and company direction anymore.  

Why VectorCare?

Our name is derived from both the mathematical definition of a vector and the aviation term. A vector is a measurement of speed and direction, detailing exactly where something is headed. Through our platform, we’ve built a single place to manage all patient services and connect to a larger marketplace: a platform with which to identify and map out a patient’s vector.

Any questions? Drop us an email at hello@vectorcare.com, and keep up to date with all our company news and updates on Twitter.